Qwear Fashion

Qwear Fashion Wow! Bing aka I Dream of Dapper wrote an amazing review on our Lemon Grove bowtie for Qwear. Click on the full article to see what she thought and to see how amazing she looks in it. http://www.qwearfashion.com/home/2015/6/4/bing-goes-unbound

Dapper Q

Dapper Q See Unbound Estilo’s feature “Ties For All” on DapperQ, which has been dubbed GQ for the “unconventionally masculine”. DapperQ is the premier queer style and empowerment website for masculine presenting women and trans-identified individuals and we are proud to have been featured on this amazing platform. http://www.dapperq.com/2015/05/unbound-estilo-ties-for-all

Dior – Artist Of The Month

Dior is a singer, songwriter, and actress from Indianapolis, IN. Her music has been described as classic R&B with Neo-Soul undertones. She aims to deliver a genuine, soulful sound through her music, and was motivated and inspired by music greats such as Brandy, Brian McKnight, Yolanda Adams, Fred Hammond, and a number of classical composers…

Brenda Chapnick – Artist Of The Month

I initially began to experiment with collaging and photography in my early teens. I found it to be a productive creative outlet where I could express what I wanted to, without there being any regulations or guidelines. I began my first self-started project while being in treatment at an inpatient rehabilitation facility. Collaging was a fun way to pass the time and keep myself occupied…